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Soda Blasting (Sand Blasting alternative) and Blast Cleaning service covering South Wales and surrounding areas by Peak Precision Blasting Ltd. We offer precision abrasive blasting, soda blasting, dustless wet-blasting/vapour blasting and are fully mobile so we can come to you.

Using the latest Microstrip equipment, which allows low pressure chemical free precision blasting and precision soda blasting, with a variety of eco friendly blast media all your surface needs can be met. Ideal for restoration or conservation projects, whether internal or external, we can gently clean, restore and prepare almost anything.

Oak Beam Cleaning, Timber & Beam Stripping

The gentle, low pressure precision cleaning/stripping provided by the microstrip system is ideal for this type of work and can bring out the wonderful features hidden beneath. We can advise on the best method to safely and effectively remove/strip paint, varnish and grime from timber & oak beams and carry out a test before commencing.

Stone and Brickwork Restoration/Cleaning

Interior or exterior? Fireplace or wall? Newly built or recently exposed? We can safely remove paint, dirt & grime, cement residue, efflorescence and graffiti from many types of stone or brick. Wet/vapour blasting is used if dust is an issue.

Graffiti Removal

Can be easily removed chemical free without damage to the surface and surrounding area.  Wet or dry blasting option depending on surroundings to limit dust.

Soda Blasting

A unique process that can strip almost any surface effectively without damage to the substrate or environment.  Unlike all other blast media it is not aggressive and does not require vast amounts of air pressure to efficiently strip coatings safely.  Even though the pressures used are low it can still effectively remove products such as paint, varnish, dirt and grime from a variety of metals, alloys, plastics, wood, masonry and composites without surface damage or distortion.


Can be blasted wet or dry and give you a choice of highly polished finish, a smooth finish or a good key for painting.

Vehicle Restoration

For stripping of vehicle body shells, motorbikes and other vehicles we use a fine hard abrasive that is ideally suited to this task. Used through the microstrip machine we can remove paint and rust fast with no distortion leaving a fine etch ready for repaint. Sometimes glass, chrome, polished stainless steel and rubber are still attached and in this instance we would use soda as it does not harm any of these surfaces.

Anti Foul Removal

We also use low pressure precision abrasive/soda blasting to remove antifouling from boat hulls, whether it be fibreglass, alloy or steel. The microstrip mobile 40 system allows for independent wet/vapour blasting so wherever your boat is we can remove antifouling without dust and contain all mess. With no chemicals involved it’s also better for the environment.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, but when the worst happens and it’s time to clean up the smoke and soot damage from floors, walls, doors, brickwork, beams and furniture, soda blasting is the only option.  Not only is soda blasting non-abrasive, so will not damage any surfaces, but it’s also a deodoriser so will eliminate all smell caused by fire and smoke damage.

Other Services

The possibilities are endless for the microstrip system and no two jobs are the same, but big or small there is not much we can’t do.

Including; Furniture, Architectural salvage reclamation pieces, Surface exposure for NDT, Graffiti removal,  Aluminium, Glass and more.

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What our clients say

“We can highly recommend Peak Precision Blasting Ltd, a perfect job all round.”

Richard Burton, Sker House.

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